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Writing in CSS for the first time

February 1, 2012

In EdTech502, we are moving past basic html coding (from the dark ages when I first learned to code!) and creating websites using CSS in DreamWeaver. This week we created a basic CSS Style Sheet for a plain webpage.

It is interesting to reflect on my learning style as we do this. Each week I have completed the assigned readings. But they don’t make much sense to me until the next day when I spend time viewing the tutorials and then completing the webpage. I think I will still read the material first. I find that it gives me a base knowledge even though I don’t realize it. But I find myself looking back at the notes or underlines that I made and going Oh, that’s what that paragraph meant!

I noticed that the code is written broken up between many lines. When I code with the tools in DreamWeaver, this is the default.

body {

The professor even mentioned this is the correct way for format.

However, this is very confusing to me because of spatial learning disabilities.  The break between lines makes the brackets essentially invisible to me. Therefore I moved the criteria and brackets to the same line. I did use new lines for new criteria. That didn’t make a difference in the coding itself, and it allows me to “see” the entire code.

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