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Evolution of Educational Technology = evolution of technology I choose!

February 2, 2012

The Evolution of Educational Technology assignment posed interesting challenges in choosing a product to use. The assignment initially indicated that we should use Glogster; I was interested in using this program after hearing about it from some of our Education faculty. However, some individuals in class experienced difficulty signing up for an educational account. The professor said that we could also use other software programs such as tiki-toki timeline.

As I thought about the assignment design and the information that I was gathering, I decided that a timeline format would be better; Glogster would have to wait. I signed up for an account on tiki-toki, but did not like the features or limitations of that timline.  I tried another timeline recommended by the professor, but the website was down. I then searched for online timelines, and found TimeToast which had the features I wanted.

I decided that in addition to the AECT Definitions of Educational Technology, I would include some significant technology milestones such as the Apple II, and highlight events in the library world. I included several youtube videos for various events.

As I reviewed the definitions, I was struck by the development of a more holistic view of technology.  The earlier definitions seemed to be stuck on the form of the technology, even mentioning specific formats such as audiovisual communication.  The latter definitions seemed to evolve to an understanding of technology use as a tool to education, and to an understanding of the ethical aspects surrounding the use of technology.  Thinking about the ethical aspects makes me excited to move on to the digital inequalities assignment.

I used Timelines of World History, and Library History Timeline for many of the events.

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