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Working with Boxes in CSS

February 8, 2012

This week in EdTech502, we continued learning about CSS styles. I created a Netiquette page and arranged the information within floating boxes.

I enjoyed the research aspect of this project in reading several Netiquette pages for basic information. I then created a Netiquette page that would be relevant for undergraduate students at Messiah College where I work. I included references to the Community Covenant and other campus-specific documents to make the Netiquette rules more relevant to the intended audience.

At first I found the boxes confusing. It all feels a little overwhelming. But then I typed in my information first, and then formatted the divisions.  It was then much easier to create and float the boxes if I did all the work to create and format the page first.

This project made me wonder how the libguides on our library website are coded.  Libguides is a user-friendly web program that allows me as a librarian to quickly create subject guides for patrons. For instance, I have created libguides for my liaison departments such as Chemistry, as well as libguides for special projects such as ipad pilot projects. As you can see, these webpages are based on boxes.  I am now interested in looking at the source to determine how they design the code, yet make it so easy for me to create pages for my needs. It is of course much more complex than my simple page!

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