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EdTech502 Disabilities Webpage

February 18, 2012

Our next assignment in EdTech502 was to create a webpage linking to various resources about web accessibility. I started at the W3C Accessibility Guide because they set standards. I then reviewed other websites that were linked from the W3C site, or from the professor and other student’s webpages.  I also did a general internet search for resources.

I had a difficult time deciding what area to focus on. I finally decided to keep the project somewhat broad, as my intended learner audience was individuals across campus who are responsible for designing the website for their department as part of the campus website. They would need introductory and overview material rather than in-depth information. I therefore focused on tips for designing a website, and online tools to evaluate the website because these individuals are very busy with other unrelated duties.

I’m learning to first design the webpage on paper (well, actually on the notability app on my ipad!), gather the resources and links I will need, and then open DreamWeaver.  I then create the structure via div tags, enter the text, create the links, and only then work on the style sheet.  Breaking it down into these discrete tasks seemed to work well for me. While I still have trouble with the distinction between tags, id and class, I’m starting to understand it!

An interesting article I found when researching for an ebook faculty panel that I’m co-facilitating, discusses the lack of accessibility in older models of the kindle, and the reluctance of schools to use the kindle because of accessibility issues. Given the promise of ereaders to quickly open up the world of books for those with sight disabilities, because of their text-to-speech capabilities, it is a shame to think that the entire device is not accessible.

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