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Coding Hotspots

March 3, 2012

This week’s assignment was to insert an image and create hotspot links on the image.

I decided to create a page to build on students’ familiarity with Google to help them start searching for library resources through Google  Books and Google Scholar. I often try to build on skills students already have to develop new and advanced research skills.

The coding itself was not difficult as I am getting used to CSS.  However, small details kept me working on this for far longer than it should. I first created div tag with class instead of id, and felt a little silly when I discovered that error. When creating the hotspot, I couldn’t create a hotspot on the image until I switched from Live View to Design View which was frustrating until I figured that out. I also initially put the image in its own box and floated the box. After quite a long time with boxes and colors not going where I wanted, I realized that I should just insert the image into the maintext div box and float it there instead.  That made the page look how I wanted it to.  I did enjoy creating an image through importing pictures from my own personal files (Don’t worry, I gave myself permission to use my copyrighted photos!). I also created a banner image which I think helps make the page look more professional.


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