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Creating Tables in CSS

March 9, 2012

This week I created a table webpage.

We first had to determine a topic with subdivisions and relevant webpages.  I teach information literacy to Chemistry students throughout their undergraduate program.  One challenge is to help them bridge their current research resources such as Google to academic research resources such as SciFinder Scholar. These academic resources are much more powerful and useful for research, but they are a challenge to learn because of their complexity. This activity helps students to review and evaluate known or familiar resources such as Google Scholar, as well as learn about advanced resources such as SciFinder.

I deliberately did not use the word “expert” in this activity. I feel it misleading to students to imply that they will become an “expert” in an advanced academic database in a small amount of time; this takes deliberate honing of skills over many years!  Instead, I think it is appropriate to help them scaffold their current knowledge to more advanced practice, without using terms such as “expert”.

I found creating a CSS Table to be easier than previous tasks. I think that my librarian skills of working with tables and databases daily helped this.  I spent some time figuring out CSS for table design.



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