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RSS For Education

March 24, 2012

This week we reviewed using RSS Feeds in Education. We identified RSS feeds of interest, and then created a Teaching Resources Bundle. I chose these feeds because they help me to find ideas for using technology in the library, including information literacy sessions.

I am a huge fan of RSS feeds to keep up in my field of libraries and technology.  I already use my GoogleReader account to actively monitor more than 100 blogs and other RSS feeds. I provide a training session about blogs, RSS feeds, and RSS Feed Aggregators such as GoogleReader to faculty on my campus. Based on monitoring these 100+ blogs, I send posts of interest to faculty in my liaison departments (a very popular service based on their feedback!), my Facebook page (which often receive comments from students), and on my personal blog.

In addition to keeping up professionally, RSS feeds can be very useful for faculty and students in a library setting. Students can learn to use RSS feeds to keep up with a research topic of interest. Most library databases provide RSS feeds for specific journals. Therefore students and faculty can receive virtual table of contents for new journal issues, and then go view articles of interest. They can also set up RSS feeds in databases based on research keywords, so they can find new research about their topic as it is published. For example, databases provided by the EBSCO vendor, which Boise State library uses, provides this service.

This assignment addresses the following AECT Standards:
3.1: Media Utilization
4.3: Delivery System Management
4.4: Information Management

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