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Let’s go on a WebQuest

April 9, 2012

This assignment in EdTech502 introduced us to the concept of Webquest. I have never heard of this educational concept and was surprised by the wealth of information about it online. I spent some time familiarizing myself with the concept before deciding on my topic.

I decided to create a Webquest website for teaching students about censorship and libraries. The lesson required students to learn about censorship through professional websites such as the American Library Association, and also through library databases such as Issues and Controversies which provide contrasting viewpoints.

The student was then to choose a book from the Banned Book list that had been challenged in the past, read about the book, find book reviews, and determine if they think the book should remain in their library. The student was then assigned to write a letter to a patron explaining her decision.

I feel this issue is very important to students as they begin to learn about issues such as academic and intellectual freedom. I included a link to a recent news story about attempts to ban The Hunger Games from libraries to show the immediate relevance to students.

I believe this was a great assignment to end the course. It really helped me to integrate educational concepts with online resources and html/css coding. I have learned alot in this course which will prove helpful in the coming courses, I’m sure.

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