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Final Reflections on EdTech501

April 21, 2012

I can’t believe the semester has passed so quickly and I am writing a final reflection on my first course in BSU Master of Educational Technology program!  It has been challenging, overwhelming, enlightening and actually fun! I feel that I have a good base to start other courses in this program. Because this course varied assignment types and schedules — individual and group projects, weekly assignments, and assignments spanning several weeks — it also gave me an opportunity to figure out how to fit this program into a busy work and personal life.

One concern I had regarding this program was that it is designed for teaching educators, and I was unsure how I would apply it to my role as a librarian, a member of a Community of Educators, but not actively teaching classes daily. However, I quickly came to understand that this degree can be very beneficial to me in my role as librarian, and as our library assists the college with education and technology.

As a librarian, I am an advocate for information literacy and I work to help our students develop information literacy skills to search for, find, access, evaluate and use information in their research. I now see that this role can and should expand to help students merge information literacy and digital literacy skills. I believe that this program will help me in my unique role to achieve this. Choosing a Masters of Educational Technology program, and choosing Boise State in particular has been a good life choice!

The final assignment was to develop a “bumper sticker” sharing our reflection about EdTech501.  I developed a simple message which I believe will become my mantra as I proceed in this program. Educational Technology and Libraries: Where Information Literacy Meets Digital Literacy.

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