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Discussion of Formative Evaluation of Instructional Design Project

July 18, 2012

Learning Goal:
In a 1.5 hour workshop, faculty will be able to access and use library resources through the ipad. Following the session, faculty will be able to: access and search selected library databases, download journal articles from library databases, download ebooks through an ebook app, and identify and use iannotate, notability, and goodreader apps for research.

One-to-One Evaluation
I will meet with a Faculty Services staff member who provides training to faculty on various software and ipad apps. She will evaluate the instructional design plan, focusing on the Instructor Guide. Her background will provide valuable additional and practical knowledge about the audience of faculty learners who will attend sessions.

Questions to consider:

  1. Are the objectives clear and accessible in the timeframe?
  2. Do the objectives match the needs?
  3. Are the procedures clear and easy to follow?
  4. Do the handouts flow with the content?

Small Group Evaluation
I will meet with the four college Librarians. They provide training on various information literacy topics to students. They are less familiar with the ipad. If I were unable to provide the ipad training, one of them would provide the training. They will review the instructional design plan, focusing on the Instructor Guide.

Questions to consider:

  1. Are the objectives clear and attainable?
  2. Are the instructions easy to follow?
  3. Would they feel comfortable providing this training based on the design plan and Instructor Guide?

Field Trial
The field trial will take place with a small group (approximately 6-8) of faculty learners who have expressed interest in this topic. The Instructor will go through the entire session. In addition to achieving learning objectives, the Instructor will also evaluate the instruction itself, make notes on questions or probems encountered, and provide feedback to the Instructional Designer for final revisions to the content.

Questions to consider:

  1. Were the learning objectives achieved successfully?
  2. Do the faculty learner’s level of confidence for using the apps in the future?
  3. Did you use the Achievement Checklist? Was it helpful to measure progress?
  4. Was this relevant to your needs?
  5. Was the timeframe of the session adequate? Should it be longer or shorter?

Subject Matter Expert

The Instruction Design Plan will be reviewed by Mr. L, MLS. Mr. L is a public librarian and past-president of the state Library Association. He is the Director of a local County Library System. He provides extensive training to the public on a variety of software and information literacy topics. Therefore, I consider him an expert in reviewing this instructional design plan. Materials will be sent to Mr. L by July 17, and will be returned by July 21. Mr. L will review the entire instructional design plan, and provide feedback according to the following evaluation rubric:

Part1 – Topic

  1. Is the stated learning goal clear?
  2. Is the rationale compelling?
  3. Is the timeframe adequate?

Part 2 – Analysis Report

  1. Is the description of need clear and complete? What further items should be considered.
  2. Will the small class sizes be adequate for meeting learning objectives and encouraging discussion?
  3. Are the steps in the learning task analysis clear and logical? Are there missing steps?
  4. Will the environment be conducive for novice ipad users with high anxiety?

Part 3 – Planning

  1. Are the learning objectives clear? Do they cover a broad range of tasks?
  2. Do the learning objectives clearly meet the learning goal?
  3. Are the learning objectives achievable for faculty learners who are novice ipad users?
  4. Are there any missing objectives based on the learning task analysis?

Part 4 – Instructor Guide

  1. Does the Instructor Guide provide adequate information for an instructor to use this to lead a session?
  2. Will the activities within the instructor guide lead learners to meet learning objectives?
  3. Is the instructor guide too specific, or not specific enough?
  4. Is there anything missing in the instructor guide which would help faculty learners meet learning objectives?
  5. Does the instructor guide have the right amount of content for the length of the session?

Part 5 – Learning Materials

  1. Do the learner handouts provide enough supplemental information for students to use following the class session?
  2. Are the handouts simple enough for novice users?
  3. Does the Achivement Checklist help students visualize achievement of learning objectives? Are any other objectives or tasks missing or needed?
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