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Initial evaluation project proposal

September 9, 2012

I am really looking forward to conducting an evaluation process and learning alot along the way. I am fortunate that this project has the potential to be immediately applicable to my job. This year my campus is going through an accreditation review, and my library is conducting its departmental Program Review. One recommendation from the initial report is that the library evaluate honors papers for students’ information proficiency.

Therefore, I proposed evaluating Honors Papers citations. The following is my initial proposal:

1. Briefly describe the project, including its purpose , goals, activities that will be performed and the expected outcomes.

This academic year, my college is creating a self-study report for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The library is also conducting its Program Review. In particular, we will be evaluating how well the library meets specific College Wide Educational Objectives and library objectives, including information literacy. One area being evaluated in the accreditation review is the College Honors program. I would like to evaluate how library resources are being used by students in the Honors Program. In fact, the initial draft of the accreditation report requests that the library use honors projects to evaluate student information proficiency.

2. Explain why you would want to evaluate it.

The College Honors Program requires additional educational experiences and courses, and culminates in a project chosen by the student and advisor that involve original research and a thesis. In the past, we have evaluated other library objectives for areas such as First Year Seminar library tests.  My proposed evaluation would demonstrate how library resources are, or are not, being utilized in the College Honors Program.

I would like to evaluate how library resources are used in final honors theses through evaluating citations. Ashman (2009) argues that citation analysis can meet evaluation objectives for libraries, including information literacy instruction and collection development. From the citations, I will determine citation totals, formats, age, website domains, and availability (both print and online) by academic discipline. This data will be of interest to administrators, librarians, and honors faculty.

3. To which [definition of evaluation] do you subscribe? Explain why.

I believe both definitions of evaluation can be useful for specific evaluation projects in the library. For this evaluation proposal, I believe that the first evaluation definition (Boulmetis & Dutwin, 2011) proposed is most relevant. This project will evaluate how well the library meets established objectives for Program Review and accreditation review.


Ashman, A. B. (2009). An examination of the research objectives of recent citation analysis studies. Collection Management, 34(2), 112–128.

Boulmetis, J., & Dutwin, P. (2011). The ABCs of evaluation : timeless techniques for program and project managers. Hoboken, N.J.; Chichester: Wiley ; John Wiley.

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