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Why Evaluate – Rich Kids Poor Kids Scenario

September 13, 2012

This scenario asked us to determine benefits and limitations of an evaluation scenario. Of course, my first reaction was to question why this community college is paying a sales company to provide financial literacy instruction. This seems to be a conflict of interest to my mind!  Additionally, the college could simply contact their local public library. For example, local public libraries in Pennsylvania are partners in providing financial literacy through PAForward. And there is no sales pitch following the presentation! But I digress…..

  1. What are the benefits and limitations of the evaluation

This scenario described a financial literacy program provided by a financial sales organization, Cashflow Technologies, to students at Maricopa Community College District. The benefits identified through this evaluation depend on the audience of the evaluation. Administrators at Cashflow Technologies would be interested in learning whether there was an adequate return on investment; did the amount of funds invested in providing the program yield satisfactory sales of items. Whereas administrators of the community college, and the larger community, would be more interested in evaluating whether student learning outcomes such as managing personal finances were met. Limitations of this evaluation may be the credibility of the evaluator; are EdTech students at BSU qualified to professionally evaluate this program? There are also political and social considerations in the evaluation, particularly if both return on investment and student learning outcomes are considered in the same evaluation, yet are considered to be at cross-purposes.


  1. What factors ensure that an evaluation will be successful

Success of this evaluation will depend on the audience for this evaluation accepting the results from the evaluators, and acting to improve and revise the program based on the evaluation findings. It will be a balancing act to address evaluation factors and political considerations for all audiences, particularly if the evaluation shows that the training from this particular company is ineffective.


  1. How might one use the evaluation results

Use of evaluation results would again depend on the audience. Administrators in Cashflow Technologies could use the results to revise the program and/or marketing of the products. Whereas administrators and community members at the college may be more interested in determining if the program has a positive impact on student financial practices, improving the training to meet those outcomes, and whether they should continue using the services of this organization.

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