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Using Twitter for Professional Development

September 22, 2012

I created an account in Tweetdeck, and then posted a reflection in the group Facebook page.

I followed these hashtags: #pala12 – an upcoming library state association conference that I want to follow before, during and after the conference in October, #edtech, #infolit – information literacy, #edchat, #libraries. I originally followed #ipad, however I discovered that this hashtag has been co-opted by pornographers and most of the traffic is not educational, or at least not educational in the way that I want to see for this class!!! So that is one thing that I learned!!

I found the following resources to be of interest:
I discovered and plan to attend a focus group for academic librarians about strategic planning at the statewide level at the upcoming conference that was announced on the pala12 feed.

I read an interesting article about how the ipad is changing education through the edtech hashtag. For me, the mobilization is transformative; I can go to students and work with them where they are, rather than waiting for them to come to the reference desk; we aren’t anchored to one place.

I learned about a new tool from Google that allows you to do basic research and citation management within GoogleDocs. I assume this also works in documents now stored in GoogleDrive.

I’ve been using the basic twitter client for several months and have found it helpful to review and filter alot of information quickly, follow backchatter at conferences and professional meetings, and connect with colleagues. Tweetdeck makes it easier to follow specific hashtags, but I don’t like the look as much for my basic newsfeed. I guess time will tell which client I use more.

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