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Real-Time Professional Development

September 26, 2012

I attended a webinar on Pintrest in academic libraries, sponsored by my professional organization, Association of College and Research Libraries. I do not have a Pintrest account, but have heard about this social media. I was interested in learning more about how libraries use this site. The webinar provided basic information about Pintrest such as creating boards, and linking or uploading files. The presenter then talked about applications for libraries such as highlighting staff, services new items, and special collections, connecting with patrons, and online exhibits. The speaker also discussed practical implication such as policies, copyright, and usage analysis. Before the webinar I posted the information to twitter and Facebook. Student and staff responses were very positive about the library starting an account. Time is the issue right now! During and after the session, I contributed comments and links mentioned during the session to twitter, and asked two question on the session chat. The webinar used Eluminate software. I found this webinar very informative. I was a little disappointed that there was no other backchannel chat on twitter about the session, other than mine. I am used to conferences, where I contribute to the twitter backchannel and that is always very busy and informative.

Evidence of backchannel on Twitter and chat on webinar

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