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Criteria for Selecting, Evaluating and Curating Resources

October 6, 2012

Our workgroup created a list of 18 criteria to consider when selecting, evaluating and curating resources.

I enjoyed this workgroup and project. My group consisted of three individuals who share interests in academic education, and mobile/ipad technology in education. We played to our strengths; two members collected information from curating websites, and I collected information specific to evaluating websites. We all contributed equally to the list and references. While there was no need for synchronous communication, that would have been easy to set up through Google Hangouts. We chose to create the document on Google Documents to allow for easy group editing; this would have transferred easily to group work in Google Hangouts if needed.

I chose to focus on evaluating websites in the group checklist. I used my own knowledge and experience as a librarian, and gleaning from a trusted library website. While reading the resources about curation, I was a little frustrated because I do this all the time as a librarian. So I was glad to see this librarian skillset recognized in one of the readings. “I can hear the librarians out there sighing and thinking ‘I’ve been doing that for decades!’ True, if you are looking for someone particularly skilled in this sort of work, look no further than the library.”

I plan to curate a topic through use of libguides, which I use constantly to curate library and other relevant resources for students on campus. Ironically, just this week I came across an article that discussed using libguides for curation.


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