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Curating a Resource: Ipads in Higher Education

October 8, 2012

I curated a resource, Ipads in Education, with a focus on Higher Education. I used Libguides, as a curating resource; this is a popular webpage and curating resource used by many libraries across the country, including Boise State, and my library, Messiah College. I curated a page through this resource on ipads in education. My major topics were: tips, review of apps, news, pilot projects, research, books, and other curated websites.

I also evaluated the page based on the evaluation criteria defined by my classmates last week.

  1. Question and verify. Because most of the sources used were academic and professional sources, it was easy to verify the information.
  2. Credibility. The information is credible; I used resources from reputable sources. News sources were evaluated and chosen based on author’s knowledge.
  3. Relevance towards topic at hand. All resources were relevant to the topic of ipads in education .Most resources, though not all, were specific to higher education.
  4. Consider commenting to establish context. I commented or summarized resources, except for brief news stories.
  5. Inclusion of multiple media platforms, in addition to text. Resources were books, journal articles, websites, blogs, and online news stories.
  6. Value (to user). I found these resources valuable.
  7. Value (Monetary). The resources that review apps could save the user money when the user purchases apps with positive reviews.
  8. Audience. The audience is other educators with an interest in using ipads for academic purposes.
  9. Is the resource fun and/or easy to use. I hope that this curated resource is easy to use and well-organized.
  10. Usefulness. I hope this resource is useful to busy educators.
  11. What problem does this resource solve. This resource brings together disparate items about ipads in education in one place: from books to scholarly articles to other curated resources to news stories.
  12. Information is current (not out-of-date). All the information is 2010 or later.
  13. Unique. The information are from different websites except for “Apps in Education” and “Ipads and Education”. The Ipads and Education links to a broad useful website, which the Apps is a specific page on this website.
  14. Authority and reputation of the source. All sources were reputable; many were well-known universities.
  15. Purpose. The purpose of this page is to curate resources that are of interest to educators who wish to integrate ipads into their higher education setting.
  16. Bias. Many of the Ipad webpages have a pro-ipad bias.
  17. Depth of coverage. Besides news stories, these pages include in-depth and scholarly information.
  18. Website domain. Most resources were from .edu or .org domains. News and books were from .com.
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