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Personal Learning Network

October 23, 2012

I created a diagram of my Personal Learning Network using Prezi. I enjoyed this assignment. It was revealing to organize and view all the various social network and online resources that I use on a regular basis to further my learning. From this diagram I learned that I value learning in physical and virtual formats. Both my Friends and Family and Professional Colleagues include individuals whom I interact with physically on a daily basis, as well as those I interact with virtually. I also feel that because family is so important and because I learn so much from them, that they are a vital component of my Personal Learning Network, even though they may not play a formal educational role.

I also reviewed PLN’s of classmates. So far, I see similarities in some of the networks we inhabit. But there are also differences. The organization of resource differs, as well as the “look”.  Some networks contain more detail on which resources are used such as specific blog names that are followed. I kept mine rather broad by including blogs and GoogleReader. They also featured more heavily on digital resources, while mine included a mixture of physical and digital. It was interesting to look over each one.


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