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Creating a social media policy

November 3, 2012

I really enjoyed the assignment to create a social media policy for my learning environment. I created a social media policy for a small liberal arts college, X College.

I was able to review and use concepts from my institution. Ironically, my institution released a social media policy for educators and employees two weeks ago, which spurred vigorous discussion on the faculty email discussion list. I was also able to review my institution’s student handbook which contains a short section on using social media responsibly. I was surprised to learn that our Nursing Department has a much more restrictive policy that all nursing students must agree to which mentions that Nursing students must follow HIPAA guidelines in all social media postings, even on personal accounts. Considering the extra care that professional nurses must exercise when using social media (I assume they have similar concerns as teachers in K-12 settings), this provides an excellent real-world situation for nursing students.

I found the resources provided by the instructor to be useful. This assignment seemed to be geared toward K-12 environments which deal with very different issues than social media in the college environment. Therefore, most of the resources were not directly applicable. However, the instructor included some resources specific to a higher education environment, and these were very useful to incorporate into my proposed policy.

My policy deals with positive uses of social media and encourages responsible use for educational purposes. It also specifies guidelines on topics such as disciplinary proceedings, information literacy, requiring students to have accounts, copyright, FERPA, cyberbullying, course assignments, and faculty friending students.

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