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Creating an online media platform

November 10, 2012

This assignment required that we create an online media platform.

Learning Audience

This GooglePlus page is for a unique Nursing class at X College. This class consists of senior nursing students, professional RNs working at Y hospital, nursing faculty at X College, nursing administrators working at Y hospital, and the medical librarians at X College and Y hospital. This class focuses on evidence-based nursing practice. RNs from Y hospital bring real-life challenges that they experience in the daily nursing practice. The class focuses on teaching students and RNs how to search, evaluate, and apply evidence to practice. Faculty and librarians share the instruction load. Senior nursing students then focus on their small-group real-world challenge brought by the RN to search the medical literature for evidence that addresses the care challenge. The senior nursing students present their findings to faculty, RNs, librarians, and administrators. RNs may then take the findings and implement them in their professional practice depending on the findings and Y hospital guidelines.

GooglePlus Page will provide a good platform because students and RNs are on different closed internal platforms based on their college or hospital IT department. The internal platforms are very secure and not open to the other groups because of FERPA and HIPAA regulations. This broad platform simply requires a Google account, which many students and RNs already have.

Procedures for Learners to Join the Platform

  1. Students, faculty and RNs will be asked to create a Google account if they do not already have one. They will be asked to create an account with a personal profile that they feel comfortable sharing with the larger class.
  2. Student, faculty and RNs, will then join the NURS405 Google Plus Page

General Acceptable Guidelines

  1. Be aware that others in class can view your personal profile. Create a new profile for this class if you wish to do so.
  2. Follow your college or hospital guidelines on the use of social media.
  3. Remember to follow FERPA and HIPAA guidelines. Never post confidential or identifying patient information to the Page.

Potential Uses

  1. Share resources about evidence-based practice
  2. Network in the class, and after the class when senior students start looking for professional employment
  3. Communication
  4. Posting questions and research queries
  5. Google hangouts to synchronously work on classwork


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