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Creating a MOOC

December 5, 2012

The final assignment required us to work in a small group to create a MOOC-like course. Personally I would have either preferred to create a complete MOOC over the course of the entire semester, or to spend these three week evaluating MOOCs and writing a paper about them. For instance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation issued grants to study MOOCs and determine if they can be academically rigorous for academic credit. I came across this article that questions the MOOC business model; it would have been nice to take additional time to review this for a research paper.

Regardless, I did enjoy working with my small group to create a MOOC on mobile devices in the higher education classroom. We create a syllabus, learning activities that met course objectives and created plans for discussion and assessment. We also created an internal MOOC site for course development within our small group.

I am not convinced that MOOCs will be a critical part of the landscape for those wishing an academically-rigorous college-level education. However, it is important to understand this phenomena and its implications. It was also very beneficial to work with the Canvas LMS because our campus is currently considering adopting this LMS. This really puts me ahead of the curve so I can help faculty as they adapt and integrate library resources within this system.

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