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Creating a Multimedia Project Using Congruity Principles

February 20, 2013

This assignment was to create a short presentation using Congruity principles. We used Google Docs Presentation to do this project.

Link to Presentation

I decided to do a short training session on evaluating websites. This past fall I identified this as a problem area with our First Year Students, and worked with a FYS professor on a short pilot training session to address this issue. I can now use this multimedia presentation to use in the session next year.

Because this presentation is to college students, I embedded a youtube video that I feel would start the session with a little pop culture humor. I then go on to review five characteristics to consider when evaluating websites for academic research papers. I conclude the session with a small group activity; each group reviews a preselected website, completes an evaluation rubric and determines if it is appropriate for an academic research paper.

One Comment
  1. Beth, your topic is spot on! I love how you let the images speak for themselves and use the narration to supplement the visual imagery. Nice work!
    –Beth Russell

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