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Apps on Campus podcast

March 17, 2013

After thinking about possible topics, I decided to create a podcast series about apps on campus. This past year our campus has rolled out ipads to any faculty who requested one. There are also pilot ipad projects in several courses. I have become an avid ipad user and many faculty come to me with general ipad questions in addition to library-specific ipad questions.

I envision a podcast series that would nicely supplement the ipad apps page that I created and coordinate on behalf of our IT department. The podcast series would be dedicated to discussing apps used at on campus. These apps may be educational, but I will also cover ‘fun’ apps. The podcast could easily evolve into interviews with students, faculty and staff on campus discussing their favorite apps.

I created an initial podcast episode for this assignment. After listening to music, I decided not to include a jingle at this point. I didn’t find a piece of music that felt quite right, and if we do indeed create a podcast series from this assignment, I would like to talk to IT about designing the series and music. This initial podcast is therefore pretty ‘generic’ at this point to allow for development. I’m glad that I found and inserted music into my initial audio posting a few weeks ago so that I had practice and I know how it can be done for future episodes.

I divided my podcast into three sections and a short break. The first two sections are dedicated to library-specific research apps: ebrary for ebooks, and EBSCOhost for journal articles. I discuss the app, the purpose for the app, why it is better than using library resources through the browser, and the setup required to authorize and use the app for campus resources. I take a short break and provide an announcement. The concern with this in the podcast is that it would ‘date’ the podcast rather quickly, although it is another effective way to provide timely announcements. The final section of the podcast is dedicated to a ‘fun’ app. I describe how I use the Relaxing Melodies HD app to create a relaxing background sound.

Overall I found that, like the initial assignment using Audacity, this was fairly easy to create and put together. The directions on Audacity are easy to understand which is helpful for an audio novice like myself! I was thankful for guidance from another classmate about eliminating the ‘fuzzy’ sound created by my laptop mic, as that was still a problem. My sound quality is much better than my initial audio recording. I really hope to approach IT later this Spring with this idea of a Podcast series. I think they’ll be very receptive and excited!

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