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Creating an Educational Video

April 2, 2013

This assignment was very timely. My school is starting an MSN program and as the liaison librarian I need to create orientation materials. This video is my first product for this program.

Link to video:

Library Orientation for MSN Program

Instructional Purpose
The instructional purpose of this video is to introduce the library to new MSN students. The overall goal is to provide an overview of library website, a brief introduction to searching, and services available for online students. One important goal is for the video to be welcoming and informal to alleviate anxiety that students unfamiliar with the library may have.

Target Audience
These students may be RNs who are moving right ahead to MSN, or they may be BSNs who want to earn an MSN in a nurse educator track. Therefore students will have a wide variety of educational experiences and technological expertise. Some students may have had no information literacy skills, particularly if they are RNs. Older students may also be very unfamiliar with contemporary library research practices such as online databases and citation management software.

In order to provide important content while also portraying a welcoming and comforting presence, I plan to use a screencast video that also shows me talking in the corner. That way I can show information, but make it feel a bit more personable. My pedagogical strategy is to teach by demonstration. I will show the library website, a database and describe services. I will briefly cover each topic while explaining that more in-depth assistance is always available.

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