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Elements of Digital Storytelling

April 17, 2013

As I read about digital stories I immediately thought that they would be excellent tools for people working through emotional issues in therapy. The digital story I chose to review proves this without a doubt.

While looking for digital stories to review, I came across the Center for Digital Storytelling. They have their own Youtube channel and offer resources for digital storytelling. I was intrigued by the cover image of the story “Pain”. I was very moved by the story and convinced about how powerful a digital story can be.

This video tells the story of a young woman’s emotional journey when their family discovers that her father has Hepatitis C. She talks about his health battle, the agonizing wait on the liver transplant list, the changes in her family, and finally the realization that this struggle also brings its own rewards.

I liked this story because it portrayed the journey of this young woman through pain of living with a father’s disease to seeing oneself as a survivor of that pain. She describes what she has been able to learn to appreciate through this difficult time. All of us have to deal with some kind of pain or trauma in our lives and this digital story effectively shows one woman’s way through it that can be helpful for others.

I think that a good digital story incorporates images, sound, words and narration in a way that creates a sense of connection and community between the creator and the viewer. It tells the story in a way that doens’t overwhelm either party but creates emotions that lead to greater empathy or action. Rather than just learning about the clinical aspects of a disease such as HepC, the digital story provides context and human connection for a more holistic learning experience.

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