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Reflection on Effective Learning Techniques

June 1, 2013

I am excited to be participating in this class and I’m sure I will learn alot!

I must admit that my favorite course recently was just last term when I took Edtech513, Multimedia. This class was taught by Dr Hall, but I really am not saying this just to get a good grade! I truly enjoyed the class and that was one reason I chose this class as another elective this summer.

There were several reasons that I enjoyed this class. The first was that as a graduate level class, I felt respected as an adult learner. My needs and wishes as an adult leaner in a graduate program are very different from an 18 year old undergraduate, and I’m glad that Dr Hall realizes this and works differently with this cohort. For one thing, students in a graduate program are often motivated for very practical reasons, and we have very busy lives outside of class. Therefore, I want to learn efficiently, and I want the material to be immediately relevant to my professional life.

The course in Multimedia emphasized evidence based best practices for providing multimedia instruction. I appreciated the textbook and the immediate relevance. It was probably the best textbook I have seen in a while because it was smooth reading and it contained alot of quality information. Dr Hall made the class a good experience by providing numerous relevant discussion questions and very relevant and timely projects. We were also given space to be creative when designing projects such as the digital story and online tutorial. I was able to take these skills and apply them immediately to my professional tasks. I also felt that Dr Hall was interested in our projects and in learning from us as much as we learned from her.

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