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Reflecting on Blogs and Information Literacy

June 9, 2013

This blog post is a duplicate to an entry on my TechieLibrarian blog.

I am beginning a course on Blogging in the Classroom through my MET program at Boise State. I will be highlighting, improving and expanding this blog for that course. I’m excited for the extra time I will take over the next eight weeks to expand on the concepts of the intersection between libraries and technology.

As the course name suggests, we will be exploring the use of blogging in the classroom. I admit I haven’t thought much about that in terms of libraries and information literacy, mostly because my instruction is single sessions and I don’t have the liberty or time to have students create and update blogs. It certainly would be a great way to teach students digital literacy and have them reflect on their use of library and other online resources, if I had the chance.

Another facet about blogging to consider in regards to libraries is evaluation of sources. As information sources becomes more decentralized and less academically rigorous, it becomes imperative for librarians to include evaluation of blog sources for students to ponder.

The first tasks I will complete for this course is to update the About Me page, and to add blogs I follow to my blog page.

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